An off-duty police officer has been placed on administrative leave after he allegedly drew a gun on a butcher during an argument over how his venison jerky had been seasoned by the meat-processing establishment.


It’s not what you might call the feel-good story of the joyous holiday season, now is it?

And, investigating authorities have yet to determine just who was the biggest jerk about the jerky.

According to news reports, Mike Brannan, owner of Top Choice Meat Market in Vancouver, Wash., said a heated argument over deer meat led to a customer—an off-duty city police officer—pulling a gun.

Brannan, recounting the Saturday altercation to the Columbian newspaper, said the officer was angry that pepper flake hadn’t been applied to the jerky and felt he shouldn’t have to pay for the order.

“He was just being incredibly rude,” Brannan told the paper. “He was told by more than just me that he had to calm down or he would be asked to leave.”

According to the newspaper account, Brannan likely didn’t help matters much when he told the already angry customer that much of his deer meat was “spoiled or contaminated with feces,” and that “he needed to learn how to clean a deer.”

No shots were fired, and no one was hurt or arrested, but the officer has been placed on routine administrative leave during an investigation by the Clark County Sheriff’s Office.

Our advice? Next time stick with the tried-and-true butterflied backstraps, tenderized steaks and burger.