For the past seven years, the holiday display depicting an armed Santa Claus stalking his most famous reindeer has become something of a Christmas tradition in a small Bossier Parish, Louisiana community.

The man behind the festive decorations says it’s all in good fun, despite some of the criticism he receives every December.


Instead of the twinkling lights and inflatable snowmen found on neighboring lawns in the small town of Princeton, Matthew Caillouet has opted for a something with more of a sporting theme.

“It came up just kind of as a joke, trying to do something Christmassy without the lights, just do something random. Totally different,” Caillouet says.

A life-sized wooden Santa figure appears to be aiming a rifle in the direction of the red-nosed Rudolph—leading viewers to assume that the unsuspecting ungulate is about to become venison.

“You either love it or you hate it. I’ve had people say they were going to tear it down. Others say they’ll fight to keep it up,” Caillouet told a local television station.

Caillouet admitted that even his own family was divided over the display, saying they thought the shooting Santa might be too controversial.

Too controversial?

If Caillouet wanted to genuinely raise a ruckus, he might make it more apparent that Santa is hunting Rudolph with an AR or AK black rifle.

That way, I guarantee it would get plenty of attention.

Ho, ho ho!