Next Time, Rent the Full-Size Sedan

My good friend Todd Rathner, who writes a blog on his T. Jeffrey Safari Company Web site, just posted some photographs he shot while he was on a recent whitetail deer-hunting trip.


Evidently, some deer hunters in Oklahoma were faced with a serious logistical challenge after they shot two whitetail bucks—and their primary mode of transportation was a tiny, economy-sized rental car!

Rathner, who hails from Tucson, Arizona, writes that he pulled into a restaurant parking lot in Oklahoma, where he saw the two bucks somewhat precariously lashed to the roof of the compact car, with bungee cords running through the doors, inside the vehicle, and back over the two antlered roof ornaments.


Even though he didn’t have any success on his hunt, Rathner says that just seeing the deer atop the diminutive car made his trip one to remember.

It’s our guess that the additional load on the roof probably lowered the compact’s gas mileage to the degree that they might as well have rented a full-size sedan—one equipped with a roomy trunk!

(Click on photos to view enlarged versions.)

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