Here’s an intriguing fact: Almost half of the 166 professional golfers listed in the 2008 PGA Tour Official Guide say fishing or hunting is their favorite special interest off the course.

The list of current golfing outdoorsmen includes Boo Weekley, Frank Lickliter, Tiger Woods, Davis Love III, Jose Maria Olazabal and David Duval.


If you follow pro golf to any degree, you probably know that Boo Weekley, who burst onto the scene last year, is an outspoken hunting proponent. One of Weekley’s primary sponsors is outdoor gear giant Mossy Oak Outdoors.

Hunting camouflage on the golf course? A few years ago, who would have dreamed it was possible?

Weekley took some time off during last week’s Buick Invitational at Torrey Pines, Calif, to tell reporters what he values in golf, and in life.

Were World rankings important to him? No.

The Ryder Cup? Nope.


Ed Zieralski, outdoor writer for the San Diego Union-Tribune reported that the press corps finally asked the 34-year-old from Jay, Fla. just what he cared about in his golfing career.

“If I play, I play,” he said. “Just let me get my five, six years in and let me get out of here. Let me make enough money so I can invest it where I need to get it. If I can get $8 million in five, seven, 10 years, however long it takes me to get it, I’m out of here.”

Then what?

“Go hunt and fish and spend some time with my little boy to make up for the time I’m out here right now and not home watching him grow up,” Weekley said.

Oh, there have been famous golfers in the past who also shared a love of hunting and shooting sports, they just weren’t as in-you-face about it as Weekley.

Senior PGA tour pros well known for their love of hunting include Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson, Fuzzy Zoeller and Greg Norman.