Looking back at some of the wildest animal tales of 2007, we couldn’t forget the story that gives the expression, “raining cats and dogs” an entirely new metaphorical perspective.

Some furious thunderstorms that rattled through mid-Texas early in the year resulted in heavy downpours, some severe lightning, power failures–and more than two dozen dead ducks raining down on Martha Hughes’ roof and surrounding property.


When the fierce thunderstorm subsided in Decatur, a community located northwest of the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex, Hughes discovered 26 dead mergansers on her roof, yard and driveway, according to the Wise County Messenger newspaper.

Hughes surmised that the small red-headed ducks were all flying together when a single lightning bolt struck them, the same strike that caused a fireball when it hit a nearby electrical transformer.

Jeremy Meador, a Decatur animal control officer who responded to the scene, said the ducks were indeed, uh, extra crispy.

“They looked like they were charred, burned,” he said.

Hughes told the local newspaper that some local bird lovers also discovered the roasted ducks.

Neighborhood cats apparently hauled away several of the 26 roasted fowl prior to animal control’s arrival on the scene.