Does anyone else find it incredibly ironic that just hours before one of her most crucial primary election contests—in one of the biggest whitetail-hunting states in the country—that Sen. Hillary Clinton casually mentioned during a campaign stop that she once shot a duck?

“I know you don’t believe it,” she told an enthusiastic audience at Kenosha’s Brat Stop on Saturday, “but it’s actually true. My father taught me to shoot 100 years ago.

Claiming to appreciate the Second Amendment and the finer aspects of hunting didn’t seem to make much of a difference to the (failed) presidential campaigns of John Kerry, Bill Richardson, Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson.

The New York Senator, who asserted Saturday that she has shot “a lot of tin cans targets and some skeet,” also spoke about the right of Americans to legally own firearms.


“I think we’ve got to do two things simultaneously. We should be smart enough to figure this out–protect the rights of lawful gun owners, whether it’s hunting, collecting, target shooting, whatever the purpose is, it’s a lawful right–period,” Clinton said.

So, is it an indication that Sen. Clinton’s campaign is on the ropes when she proudly proclaims, “I’ve actually gone hunting,” in a state where deer hunting is nothing less than a treasured heritage among its citizens?

The Outdoor Newshound doesn’t recall the former First Lady mentioning anything about blasting greenheads out of the sky during the New York primary election campaign, do you?

Next up—Ohio. Will we see another Clinton in camo?