A Parker City, Indiana man called police to his neighbor’s unoccupied home Tuesday after he found a window broken and could see blood smeared on the living room walls.

“My God, there’s been a murder,” was Jerry Morgan’s first thought.

When Parker City Marshall Rex Amburn joined Morgan at the house, Morgan used the key left by his neighbor to enter the brick ranch home through the garage. As soon as they opened the door to the kitchen, they heard a noise.


The marshal cautioned Morgan to remain safely outside, as it was obvious the unknown intruder was still inside the house.

Though we can’t be certain, in what had all the ingredients of a pure Deputy Barney Fife moment, Marshall Amburn slowly and deliberately stepped into the home to confront the potential burglar.

And he didn’t have to go too far before the culprit was identified—as a disorientated, home-wrecking whitetail doe.

The Muncie Star-Press reported that the full-grown doe ran to the rear of the house and banged its bloody body against the walls of a bedroom. Then it proceeded to jump onto the bed, leaving splatters of blood everywhere–on the carpet, the bed linens and on the walls.

Marshall Amburn opted not to shoot the doe with his service pistol, adding more blood to an already-messy scene, so, with some wrangling and pushing, the two men were finally able to direct the battered animal out an open door–but not before it left its mark in every room of the home.

Remarkably, some things—like a china cabinet full of collectibles—stood undamaged.

But the remainder of the home looked like a grisly crime scene, at least to Morgan and Marshall Amburn.

“It looks like Charles Manson got loose,” Morgan said. “It looks like helter-skelter.”