When you think about Playboy Magazine centerfold girls, you naturally think about women who are unafraid to bare it all, right?

Like every month since the mid-1950s, the February 2008 Playboy Playmate of the Month is willing to share her, uh, physical attributes with millions of young male readers.


She even reveals intimate details about her personal life, like the fact that she’s turned on by “blue eyes, baseball and bubble baths.”

Deep and introspective stuff, huh?

But beyond these and other character traits, we were delighted to discover that not only was Miss February willing to pose bare, she’s also interested in hunting bear.

Michelle McLaughlin, whom Playboy’s writers describe as “a 21-year-old supervixen,” hails from the Northern California “sleepy town” of San Carlos, and lists hunting and fishing among her favorite hobbies and interests.

While the word “supervixen” appears in neither the Outdoor Life nor the Associated Press stylebooks, I’m utilizing editorial license in this case—even though I haven’t yet viewed the February centerspread. I’ll use Playboy’s vernacular—especially considering everything Hugh Hefner and his photographers did for me during my late teens and early 20s.

Anyway, in an article appearing on, Ms. McLaughlin revealed that someday she hopes to live on a farm in Sonoma County, so “I can go hunting and fishing whenever I want.”

And yes, she is interested in hunting black bear.

“I was supposed to go black bear hunting in August, but that’s when I was shooting my centerfold,” she said.

We think a California bear hunt with Ms. McLaughlin would indeed be visually and physically stimulating, but we’re more inclined to vote for a waterfowl hunt in the Delta country, preferably in a warm and cozy duck blind.