“Ralf, who often was found waterfowling with a couple of us, once said that he liked to shoot geese and duck because it gave him a chance to drink whiskey for his health. One of the aforementioned ‘us’ said that there is nothing wrong with Ralf’s health and Ralf, taking an ounce of Old Forester in his coffee, said that there is nothing wrong with his ability to drink bourbon either, but ‘a man ought to have a reason.’ Crosby asked what Ralf’s reason was and Ralf said, topping off his Thermos cup again, ‘this was how he knew he was healthy.’

Actually Ralf was drinking because last year he broke his leg and the cold weather makes it stiff. I asked him if bourbon helped loosen it up and Ralf said that, ‘No, it didn’t, but if both legs were stiff it put him back in balance.'”

-Gene Hill
“To Your Health”
Guns and Ammo, 1968