Here’s a great example of how modern communications can help finger the bad apples who think they can get away with killing deer out of season.

A Pocatello, Idaho motorist who witnessed poaching activity last week used his cell phone camera to take photos of the three men at the scene as well as the license plate on their truck–then he e-mailed the photos and information to game and fish authorities.

Ain’t technology great?

Kyle Hall, 22, was driving his parents home for Easter dinner when he spotted a truck slowly moving along the road with its passenger door open.


Hall said he looked in the field and saw a man kneeling on the other side of a fence aiming a gun at a downed mule deer.

“I could see the deer,” Hall told the Idaho State Journal. “Its head was still up at that point. It hadn’t completely dropped.”

Hall then confronted the driver.

“I kept asking them what they were doing, and he said, ‘Nothing.’ And I said, ‘No, you shot that deer,’” Hall said.

When the alleged shooter picked up his gun, Hall snapped a quick photo of him coming across the fence.

Hall subsequently contacted a law enforcement officer with the Idaho Fish and Game Department, who drove to the scene where he found spent shell casings and blood.

Thanks to Hall’s involvement and quick thinking, a 26-year-old man has been cited by wildlife authorities and is scheduled to appear in court next week on charges of killing a mule deer out of season and without a license.