Here’s some sage advice for anglers and boaters already reeling from the record-high gas prices that have ushered-in this year’s fishing season: When you’re filling your boat with gas, make sure you place the pump nozzle in the gas tank and not in the fishing rod holder.


And, if by chance you happen to mistake the fuel intake hole on your craft, let’s hope you’d recognize your error before you pump 100 gallons of pricey petroleum product overflowing into the water at a marina.

Today’s Palm Beach Post used a fair share of discretion in its article about yesterday’s fueling mishap that required the response of the Martin County Fire Rescue Hazmat team to Finest Kid Marina fuel dock in Port Salerno, Fla.

After all, the news report conveniently failed to mention the name of the male boater who pumped 100 gallons of marina-priced gas into his rod holder, overflowing into the craft’s bilge tank.

It was an editorial decision for which we’re certain the perpetrator is extremely grateful.

It’s bad enough that the poor guy probably is out around $500 or more for his numbskull move. At least he didn’t have to deal with the added embarrassment of having his name in the paper.

According to the report, only about 15 gallons went into the water around the fuel dock. Hazmat crew members towed the boat from the fuel dock to a safe location, where they secured the fuel, said Jeff Alter, Fire Rescue bureau chief.