With the recent hubbub over airlines adding fees and surcharges for checked luggage and other options, here’s one you might have missed.


Last week, Denver-based Frontier Airlines announced it is increasing—by $25— its charge for checking antlers as baggage. Now it will cost hunters a cool C-note ($100) to bring their racks from Colorado and other Western destinations the airline serves.

That the carrier already charged $75 for big game racks was news to the Newshound.

“During hunting season, people do bring antlers back in cargo,” a Frontier spokeswoman told the Denver Post.

The economy airline is currently involved in Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings.

Other changes taking effect June 10 at Frontier include: a $25 fee for a second checked bag; a $50 fee for an unaccompanied minor, up from $40; a $75 fee for overweight and oversized bags, up from $50; and $35 for a paper ticket, an increase from $25.

Hmmm. We wonder what the total fee would be for an overweight, oversized, unaccompanied minor.

What’s next, antler charges by the point?

Guess we’d better not give them any more ideas, huh?