A whitetail doe smashed through the glass entry door of a downtown Fond du Lac, Wisc. specialty wine store yesterday, miraculously passing from the front to the rear of the building without breaking any of the store’s 600 bottles of palate-pleasing vintages.


At the time of the deer’s abrupt, store-crashing entrance, shop owner Sara Cujak was one aisle over from the door serving a customer. She said the doe couldn’t get traction on the hardwood floors, as it frantically slid and crawled through her Cabernet section.

“I was showing a customer a wine that I knew her husband would like and thank God it was Merlot and not a Cab,” she said.

According to a story in today’s Fond du Lac Reporter newspaper, Cujak phoned the nearby Connect Café and asked one of the workers to hurry over and open her shop’s back door. Then, as she guarded her bottles and glassware, she gently coaxed the injured and confused animal safely outside.


Authorities later found the deer lying in a nearby yard. Due to the severity of the injuries it sustained from the glass door, the deer was shot, according to Fond du Lac Police Lt. Steve Klein.

Cujak later said she was just relieved that no one was injured during the incident and expressed amazement that nothing in her shop—where everything is breakable—was damaged.

“It’s not a bull in a China shop, it’s a deer in a wine market,” she told the newspaper.

Not one to normally imbibe during business hours, when things finally settled down yesterday, the proprietor of Cujak’s Wine Market relaxed while sipping a glass of Garnacha.

Hmmmm. Why a red?

“It goes good with venison,” she told the newspaper’s photographer.

The woman obviously knows her wine.