There’s a squirrel loose inside your house. Do you:

A. Call a professional nuisance animal trapper?

B. Open all the doors and windows and try to chase it back outside?

C. Use pepper spray?

If you chose option A or B, here at The Outdoor Life Newshound we’d like to ask: Where the hell’s your sense of adventure??


A man in Rochester, NY was not interested in simply trapping or extricating the bushy-tailed rodent that found its way into his home yesterday. No sir, he was prepared to teach that little nut-eating bugger a lesson it would not soon forget.

He opted for pepper spray—the same hard-hitting compound that wildlife authorities recommend to ward off angry, charging, 800-pound grizzly bears in Wyoming’s Grand Tetons.

The squirrel, apparently, was not deterred by the aerosol assault.

Instead, the occupants of the house now know firsthand what it’s like to be on the receiving end of the airborne irritant.

Responding paramedics treated five people inside the house for exposure to pepper spray, washing the noxious chemical from the victims’ eyes and nasal passages.

Firefighters also placed fans around the house to help clear the spray-filled air.

And the squirrel?

“When the fire department went in and opened up all of the windows, the squirrel decided to leave,” Rochester Fire Department Deputy Fire Chief Scott Williams told the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle. “I guess he figured his work there was done.”