When a screaming, angry, bat-wielding Hilton Head, S. Carolina driver pulled into a parking lot and confronted a young man who had been driving slowly because he was lost, the aggressor got more than he bargained for.


A Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office incident report from last week notes that a 22-year-old Citadel student had been driving slowly on Beach City Road looking for a doctor’s office when he pulled into a parking lot to refer to a map.

That’s when the obscenity-yelling, road-raging Porsche driver approached the student’s vehicle, baseball bat in hand.

By the way, for those Newshound readers who may not be aware, The Citadel, located in Charleston, SC, is one of the nation’s leading military and leadership institutes of higher learning.


Cool and calm, the collegiate male stepped out of his vehicle while palming his .40 cal. S&W; Glock 23 pistol that he’d removed from its place in his glove box.

The would-be assailant put his hands up, dropped the bat, made a quick about-face, hastily retreated to his Porsche and sped away.

The student, who was not named, reported the incident to authorities. According to a story in The Island Packet newspaper, no charges were filed in the incident.

The moral to the tale: Don’t bring a knife (or a ball bat) to a gunfight.