Just ask today’s deer hunter what’s the best way to document the activity on secluded trails and backroads, and he’s sure to tell you to buy one of the increasingly popular movement-activated digital trail cameras.

After all, that’s how all in-the-know hunters scout for big deer these days—right?


Knowledgeable deer hunter and Hamilton, Penn. Township Supervisor Tim Beard knows all about modern trail camera technology. That’s why during the township supervisor’s meeting last week he recommended the town purchase several digital deer-cams in an effort to combat a growing problem of illegal roadside trash dumping.

“We will get pictures of those who are doing the dumping and pictures of their cars and license plates,” said Beard. “We want people to know that we are going to prosecute those who are doing this (illegal duping) to the full extent of the law.”

The Hanover Evening Sun reports that Beard explained to his fellow supervisors that the undetectable, motion-activated, waterproof cameras could be strapped to trees or posts in areas of the township where illegal dumping is prevalent.

“This is everywhere in the township and it’s got to stop,” Beard said. “We need to find some way to identify who is doing it.”

And who knows, besides recording the identities of some trash-dumping perpetrators, they might also find out where a nice, 10-point Pennsylvania whitetail is hanging out.

The hunters around Hamilton might want to keep an eye on where Supervisor Beard hangs his treestand this fall.