Despite the abundance of online sites and Web-based activities aimed at sportsmen, a majority of American hunters say they continue to enjoy receiving magazines geared toward their favorite outdoor hunting and angling activities.


And here at Outdoor Life, we believe that’s a good thing, because we give it to you both ways.

Most of those hunters and anglers responding to an online poll conducted by Southwick Associates, one of the country’s leading firms specializing in outdoors and conservation economics say they subscribe to at least two outdoor magazines.

The August 2008 survey from that asked hunters about their interest in outdoor magazines found that two-thirds (about 67 percent) subscribe to two or more outdoor magazines. Only 14 percent reported that they receive no outdoor magazine subscriptions at all.

Here’s the breakdown of responses: five or more magazine subscriptions, 16 percent; four subscriptions, 11 percent; three subscriptions, 17 percent; two subscriptions, 23 percent (the largest single response); and one subscription, 18 percent.