You gotta admire the folks from Wisconsin. They love their beer and brats, Packer football and deer hunting.

Fraulein-babeXa And not necessarily in that order.

Every year it seems we read about a Wisconsin deer hunter who succumbs to a fatal heart attack or another health-related malady while overexerting himself when dragging a fat, dead whitetail out of the woods.

In an effort to reduce hunters’ health risks and potential heart attacks in the field this year, the Dane County Law Enforcement Training Center near Madison has announced it is hosting a combination rifle sight-in program and heart screening at a single location.

Yep, you can check your deer gun and ol’ ticker at the same time/same place. Only in Wisconsin, don’t you know?

The Capital Times reports that from Saturday, Nov. 1 through Friday, Nov. 14, hunters can sight-in their deer rifles at the training facility located on Wisconsin 19 between Interstate 39/90/94 and Waunakee. The sight-in costs $10 for the first gun and $5 for each additional firearm.

On Saturday and Sunday only, hunters can receive a free health screening from Meriter Hospital staff from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The screenings will check cholesterol, blood pressure and body composition, and staff will also provide information on heart health and the warning signs leading up to potential heart problems.

Then, after punching some paper on the range and getting up close and personal with a stethoscope, hunters can be assured they’ll be “good to do” on opening day.

And about the beer and brats. Only in post-hunt moderation, OK?