From the Outdoor Life Newshound “You Can’t Make This Up Department” comes the tale of Dover, Tenn. resident Tommy Fox, who was driving home late last Wednesday night when his SUV hit a red fox on the road.

With the intent of removing the fox’s tail for a keepsake, Fox stopped his GMC Jimmy, tossed the carcass into the back seat and continued down the road.

That’s when things got interesting.


The 4-legged fox, evidently merely stunned from its run-in with Mr. Fox’s truck, suddenly sprang back to life–with an attitude to boot, according to Dale Grandstaff, a Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency wildlife officer.

As he tried to throw a blanket over the biting and snarling animal to keep it from climbing into the front seat with him, Fox lost control of his vehicle and it skidded across the centerline, flipping in a ditch and landing upside down.

Officer Grandstaff told The Tennesseean newspaper that Mr. Tommy Fox received medical treatment at the accident scene and was not seriously injured.

Mr. Red Fox was not as fortunate, however, and was pronounced dead—this time, positively.

There’s no word on the current whereabouts of its tail.