For today’s modern women, bachelorette parties featuring male strippers and excessive alcohol consumption are so, uh, 1990s.

One hot new trend for females saying farewell to the single life is a day at the shooting range, where they can blast away with everything from high-powered rifles to handguns, under the supervision and guidance of well-trained firearms experts.

In Las Vegas, the city that’s unquestionably America’s wedding and party capital, gun shops and outdoor shooting ranges specifically cater to groups of men and women who are in town to have fun and do something wild. Many Vegas indoor ranges feature full-auto guns, ranging from military rifles to the classic Thompson submachine gun.


And yes, there’s a wide selection of pink handguns and matching AR rifles for the ladies.

“We get a slightly higher percentage of male than female customers, but not as much as you’d think,” said Chris Irwin, who, with his father offers full-auto shooting at The Gun Store & Indoor Range on Tropicana Ave.

“The women are truly fascinated. We get bachelorette parties,” Irwin said in a recent Las Vegas’ Southwest View newspaper article. “(They) come in with pictures of their exes and ask if they can put them on the target, crazy things like that.”

On the East Coast, Andy Massimilian, CEO of Manhattan Shooting Excursions, says shooting is becoming increasingly popular among women, and his company provides bachelorette shooting parties with all the frills. Previously only a bachelor-party provider, he now admits that about 40 percent of his current customers are female.

“Our guests are in fashion design, medicine, technology, finance,” Massimilian told the New York Daily News.

For bachelorettes, Massimilian recommends the one-day excursion to their outdoor shooting range in southern Connecticut, where both rifles and handguns are available (unlike in New York City, where only handguns are available at indoor ranges).

Massimilian said Big Apple bachelorette revelers are picked up in Manhattan at 9:30 a.m., early enough for a full day of shooting. They receive lunch and custom souvenirs–including mugs and dog tags–and are returned to NYC around 6:00 p.m., where they are dropped off at the restaurant of their choice.