An Escambia County, Fla. boater stopped by a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officer for a routine safety equipment inspection found himself in an awkward parental predicament this past weekend.

Asked by the officer if he’d been fishing, the unnamed boater replied that he had not; instead he was just trying out a new watercraft he had recently purchased.


When the officer asked if he could look in the man’s cooler, the boater’s tale took a sharp twist, according to a story in the Northwest Florida News.

“Oh, I was just kidding. Here are four red snapper,” the man allegedly told the officer, explaining that he and his accompanying daughter had each caught their two-fish limit.

That’s when the man’s 7-year-old little girl—who obviously knew the difference between right and wrong—chimed in.

“Daddy lied,” she politely informed the officer.

The newspaper reports that the man was subsequently cited for two fish over the limit.

Here at the Newshound, we can only assume that instead of having fish for dinner that night, Daddy dined on an adult portion of crow.