Aren’t today’s modern digital trail cameras great? Other than their obvious use for identifying game and other animals in the field, we’ve heard of them being used for things like verifying the existence of mountain lions in Louisiana and Missouri and for fingering burglars and other nefarious characters.

BUP630But this is the first time we’ve heard of a trailcam being used to provide evidence for charges in a hunter harassment case.

The Northwest Florida Daily News reports today that an unnamed Bay County man has been charged with hunter harassment and trespassing after a strategically placed trailcam captured digital images of him spraying his neighbor’s deer feeder with a substance that turned out to be animal repellant.

Can you say ‘caught in the act?’ 

The owner of the feeder had complained to Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officers that he suspected someone was interfering with his bait site because deer had stopped coming in to feed. So he placed a motion-activated camera at the location and, sure enough, snapped a shot of his no-good neighbor, with spray bottle in hand.

A conservation officer investigating the case said that when confronted with the photo evidence, the neighbor admitted spraying the area with animal repellant.