The big-bodied whitetail buck offered Sedalia, Mo. hunter Randy Goodman an open broadside shot with his Remington .270 at about 30 yards—and he didn’t hesitate.

Two shots and seconds later, Goodman watched as the deer’s front legs buckled and it soon lay motionless on the ground.

The stoked 47-year-old hunter slowly climbed down from his treestand and walked up to have a closer look at his trophy buck.

Goodman grabbed one of the massive antlers and thought, “Wow, what a big deer!”

That’s when the 240-pound, thick-necked bruiser leapt to its feet and began attacking the astonished deer hunter, knocking him on his keister and raking him repeatedly with its 9-point rack.

Goodman’s rifle remained resting against the tree, back where he left it after exiting his stand.

“It was 15 seconds of hell,” Goodman later told his hometown newspaper, the Sedalia Democrat.

When the angry, wounded buck finally relented its attack, a bleeding and battered Goodman retrieved his rifle and was able to pump two more shots into the deer—putting it down for good this time. (See photo here)

Feeling faint and noticing his jacket was soaked in blood, Goodman used his cell phone to summon his brother for assistance. He was soon at the local hospital emergency room, where he received multiple staples in his head to repair lacerations to his scalp. He also suffered a slight concussion and bruises to his arms and chest.

A lesson learned?

“If you don’t think they’re dead, you might want to shoot them again,” Goodman readily admitted.

Good rule.