Did you hear the one about the Polish green activists?

Stay with me here.

It seems that the members of a Polish environmental organization reported an illegal logging operation they discovered at a nature reserve near the northern town of Subkowy. They told authorities that the clear-cutting ne’er-do-wells had already chopped down and neatly stacked 20 trees at the reserve and marked several more with matching notches, obviously planning to return and mow them down as well.Beaver

When police investigated the report, sure enough, they found the logging crew at work. In fact, the entire clandestine operation, which included several tree cutters, was operating quietly, under cover of darkness.

If you guessed beavers, you win.

The Austrian Times reports today that when they were confronted with the news, the Polish enviros were taken aback.

“The campaigners are feeling pretty stupid,” a police spokesman told the newspaper. “There’s nothing more natural than a beaver.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Here’s some advice for extreme environmental activist types everywhere (even in Poland): Don’t react too quickly when it comes to important matters of nature and the outdoors.

So, just chew on this.