Okay, so I owe my daughter Amy and apology for thinking her a bit odd for recently grabbing a bag of Ketchup-flavored potato chips off the supermarket shelf. Ketchup chips are downright run-of-the-mill as compared to Walkers Cajun Squirrel chips.

British ‘crisps’ maker, Walkers apparently derived their inspiration for Squirrel chips from the popularity of Brunswick Stew both here in the U.S. and Great Britain. Besides, it probably goes along great with their other flavors which include: Chili and Chocolate, Fish and Chips and Crispy Duck.

This past week, however, Britons grew a bit squeamish as a nation when The Sun spread word that squirrel chips might be most popular with…gulp…squirrels. Apparently the thought of cannabalistic tree rats is more than they can handle in one sitting.