The state of Montana is home to three species of whitefish in its lakes and streams–the mountain whitefish, lake whitefish and pygmy whitefish.

As the name implies, the pygmy is the smallest of the three.

Earlier this month, ice angler Eric Tullett of Kalispell tied the state record for the species, hauling the fish up from a depth of 80 feet while using a glow hook and maggot for bait.

Mark Deleray, a biologist with Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks positively identified and measured the fish after it was weighed on a certified scale.

The behemoth tipped the scales at (ready for this?) a whopping 3.7 ounces. That’s .23 pounds for those of you keeping score.

“My arm is still hurting,” the angler joked hours after reeling in the massive pygmy.

Or should that be enormous pygmy?