The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Board has moved to prohibit deer hunters from using firearms that haven’t even been invented yet.

We don’t make this stuff up. In fact, we couldn’t if we tried.

Acting upon a recommendation from the Wisconsin Conservation Congress–a panel of hunters, shooters and their peers that annually meet to advise the DNR–the Board passed a measure that officially defines what constitutes a legal hunting firearm in the state.

In their crystal-ball, future-vision wisdom, the attendees at this year’s Conservation Congress confab concluded that the present DNR firearms regulations were so murky and unclear, it was totally conceivable that a Wisconsin whitetail hunter could head to the woods armed with “untested technology such as electromagnetic weapons.”

Hold the phaser gun and pass the molecular transformer, Captain Kirk!

As a result, the DNR Board officially ruled this week that only traditional gunpowder rifles, pistols and airguns that are fired from the shoulder may be used by hunters.

Thanks goodness. Wisconsin sportsmen–and critters–can rest easy.

As for the existence of electromagnetic arms, it has been rumored for some time that the Pentagon has experimented and tested such weaponry, but little is known about the technology outside of the military.

Even so, it’s doubtful whether it’s ready for use in treestands and groundblinds. Not just yet, anyway.