Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal put his signature on a law last week that creates an annual 3-day reprieve from state sales tax on hunting gear in The Bayou State beginning this fall.

It’s a law we’d love to see other states pass–and it sends a strong message that the state both acknowledges and appreciates the contribution made to its economy by the hunter and outdoor enthusiast.
With the waiving of the 4 percent sales tax, sportsmen will save around $20 on a purchase of $500.

On its way to Gov Jindal, the Louisiana Senate voted 34-0 to establish the annual “Second Amendment Sales Tax Holiday” the first weekend in September. The annual tax break weekend will affect all sales between Friday and Sunday.

As defined by Senate Bill 52, the tax break only applies to consumer purchases and defines hunting supplies as “any tangible personal property for the use of hunting.”

The list includes such things as archery supplies, off-road vehicles and vessels such as ATVs, airboats and pirogues, accessories, animal feed, apparel, shoes, bags, float tubes, binoculars, tools, rangefinders, treestands, blinds, chairs, and holsters.