As Chicago violence rages, Daley lobbies for global adoption of city’s failed gun-control policy

When a foolish policy fails, the masterminds who devined it don’t admit their mistake and attempt to rectify it. Instead, they attack those who oppose the foolish policy and lobby to expand it.

Case in point: Chicago Mayor Richard Daley.


With his failed no-guns policy likely to be shot down as unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court in June when it rules in McDonald v city of Chicago — and his city experiencing a record wave of gun violence — Daley was preaching his delusional gun-control mantra to an international gathering of mayors at the Global Cities Forum at the University of Illinois-Chicago on Monday, April 26.

Daley wants “gun trafficking and gun violence to be part of a global agenda” and “international courts” to hold U.S. gun manufacturers responsible for “damages” created by their products.

Meanwhile, gun violence in Chicago, where gun ownership is prohibited, rages unabated — largely as a result of the same foolish policy that he wants cities worldwide to adopt.

Annoiting Daley as a global leader in curbing gun crime would be like appointing rogue Pakistani atomic scientist and smuggler A.Q. Khan as the enforcer of international nuclear non-proliferation policies.

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