Anti-Constitutional elitist repeats lie so often, even he believes it.

Marc Rubin is a former advertising art director and television script writer who understands the simple maxim that if you repeat a lie often enough, many people will accept it as the truth.

A longtime gun-control zealot and anti-Constitution elitist, Rubin attempted to bludgeon readers into believing the Second Amendment does not offer a Contitutional right to own a gun in a recent column he wrote as the NY Obama Administration Examiner.

It’s downright bizarre and a bit frightening that a schlock peddler such as Rubin can set forth a delusional interpretation of the Second Amendment that dismisses two centuries of legal rulings, opinions, and discussion, by calling everyone — including, apparently, generations of Supreme Court justices — fools for taking the Constitution literally.

Fortunately, Rubic’s rant didn’t go unnoticed. This time, the folks at and L.A. Guns Rights examiner John Longenecker (who has assumed a colateral duty as a Rubin Rebuttal Service), responded quickly with facts.

Apparently, few believe what Rubin is selling. More than 97 percent of the 6.6 million people who — as of April 28 — responded to a USA Today poll posted in November asking, “Does the Second Amendment give individuals the right to bear arms?” believe it does.

That’s because it is clearly spelled out in black and white in the Second Amendment.

Rubin isn’t the only frustrated fascist spinning spittle. Take, for instance, Josh Horwitz, executive director of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, who on April 27 penned a column attempting to explain what Second Amendment rallies “tell us about the gun rights movement.”

Josh Horwitz understands the motivations of gun owners and Second Amendment advocates about as well as Neanderthal man understood physics.

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