The Outdoor Channel teamed up with Time Warner Cable to do some good in the New York City area this weekend. The two media companies went to William H. Pouch Scout Camp to clean trails and open spaces along with Boy Scout volunteers. Pouch Camp is the only scout camp in New York City and stretches across 143 acres on Staten Island.

The camp is extra important because it gives city kids a chance to experience nature first hand. And in an era when school, video games, after-school sports and the Internet all battle for kids’ attention, a little time away at camp is a good thing.

“The local effort will not only benefit Greenbelt and Pouch Camp, but it sends a message about the importance of preserving access to our shared outdoor heritage. It’s a win-win for our volunteers and partners that speaks to the important balance of outdoor recreation and conservation-related responsibility,” says Denise Conry-Galley, a Senior Vice President of Marketing and Research for the Outdoor Channel.

The event was part of the Outdoor Channel’s effort to recruit one million volunteers by 2015 to help ensure the outdoor lifestyle survives in local communities. If the company is successful, it would be one of the largest volunteer programs of its kind.

To learn more about this conservation campaign, click here.