When I first began developing the idea for a weather site, I asked myself: “What kind of weather information is absolutely essential for sportsmen?”

All of us look forward to those magical days when the woods come alive with bucks chasing does or turkeys gobbling from their roosts, or those amazing times when, no matter what you throw, every cast draws a strike. The only problem: No one could predict when those magical hunting and fishing days would occur…until now.



After years of studying records and cross-referencing them to weather, moon and solar activity, I have partnered with Outdoor Life to develop a tool to predict exactly when the best days to be afield will be. Thousands of harvest and catch records were cross-referenced to site- and time-specific barometer, temperature, wind, sky cover and moon-phase data to determine the whitetail, turkey and fish forecasts you see here. Combining these tools can even further enhance your chances for success.

The best thing about our weather forecasts is that they’re built upon solid data that relates directly to your area of outdoor interest. And our 5-day forecasts are the most accurate, because we’ve based them upon thousands of cross-referenced data entries.

Fishermen will find our water temperature charts, relating specifically to individual species, invaluable in determining which days (and what hours of those days) will produce the best action.

Hunters can rely on our forecasts to tell them the absolute best days and times to be on stand because we’ve done all of the homework for them, comparing thousands of record-book entries for trophy deer and turkeys, then cross-referencing them with the actual weather conditions that occurred when those trophies were taken.

The unique result is the most useful and reliable weather forecasts anyone has ever produced specifically for hunters and fishermen.

Got a question about how all of this works? No problem. Simply post your question in our Answer’s Tool and we will be happy to try to answer it.

Want to help build our database to make it even bigger? Add your harvest information, and you’ll be automatically entered to possibly win some great outdoor prizes.

Got a comment about our site or a story to tell about how our information helped you in the field? Come join in our lively comments section.

So bookmark this page and use our information. We believe you’ll find it to be the most useful hunting and fishing tool you can find anywhere.