Let me premise by saying Happy Halloween.

I’m going to take a minute of everyone’s time and make a very serious ( note: very silly ) public service announcement. With Halloween on the horizon we must be ready for all sorts of things. Children with their plastic buckets, trees full of toilet paper and of course, the chance of a zombie apocalypse.

Sure, you maybe saying, it’s sort of cliche to talk about the zombie apocalypse during the Halloween season. But, my fellow living and breathing friends oh the human race, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. It also may have something to do with AMC’s Walking Dead premiering on October 31st. Or all the movie marathons that will be occurring across the country. Either way, let’s all just review the information listed below.

Luckily for you, we here at Outdoor Life have compiled a list of survival guides and recommendations on how to protect yourselves from the shambling hordes.

Surviving the Undead: Zombie Guns
Outdoor Life’s Reader Zombie Guns
The Ultimate Training Guide: Zombie Games

I hope all of you have found this to be very helpful and have a safe and exciting Halloween!