We all know Gert Boyle as the stern and humorless head of Columbia Sportswear, who used her son Tim as a lab rat to test their gear in a number of hilarious television commercials. Her moniker, “One Tough Mother,” took on a new meaning for a would-be robber and kidnapper last week.

According to a report on AOL News, Boyle returned to her West Linn, Oregon, home last Wednesday to find a man in her driveway posing as a deliveryman. The man approached the 86-year-old Boyle, drew a gun and ordered her to lead him into her home. She complied with his initial request, but as she was disarming her home’s security system, she tripped a silent alarm that notified local authorities that help was needed.

By the time police arrived at the scene the crook had fled into a ravine, but he was apprehended shortly after in a nearby McDonald’s, where he was found trying to clean his scratched face in a bathroom sink and holding several pieces of Boyle’s jewelry.

Boyle’s hands were bound when police arrived, and she suffered a fat lip and a few bruises in the ordeal, but was otherwise fine. That is until the local police chief showed up wearing a jacket made by one of her rivals.

“I can tell you when our police chief walked in the house, he was wearing a North Face jacket,” police spokesman Neil Hennelly said. “He asked her how she was doing, and she said ‘Fine until you walked in with that jacket on.'”