Want to help save the U.S. economy and conserve our wild spaces? Then keep hunting and fishing. A recent analysis conducted for the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies found that excise taxes collected on hunting and shooting equipment had an annual return on investment of 1,100 percent. Sport fishing gear created an annual return on investment of 2,157 percent. What exactly does that mean? It means that buying hunting and fishing equipment and licenses is about the best investment you can make if you care about conservation.

To save you from a finance lesson delving into ROI and the details of excise taxes, here’s the meat of the analysis…

-The hunting and shooting industry on average made $3.1 billion in equipment sales every year from 1970 to 2006.

-The hunting and shooting industry paid $251 million dollars in excise taxes each year to fund wildlife habitats and create outdoor recreational areas.

-The fishing industry on average made $2.3 billion a year in equipment sales.

-The fishing industry paid $110 million in excise taxes each year.

“How many tax models in our country today can show an $11 to $21 return to the company on every dollar spent,” U.S. Congressman Jeff Miller, R-Fla, said in a press statement. “This is one of the most impressive examples of how an American industry can profit and bolster the economy while restoring and improving our nation’s cherished natural resources.”

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