A man who was born without arms is on the brink of qualifying for the 2012 Paralympic Summer Games … in archery.

Matt Stutzman, a 28-year-old from Iowa, taught himself how to shoot a bow with his feet just two years ago. He fell in love with bowhunting and shooting and his love quickly turned into an obsession. After attending shooting camps and practicing religiously for three hours a day he as become a bona fide sharp shooter.

Here’s the video showing how Matt does it. You can see for yourself how accurate he is.

Last month Matt made the Para United States Archery Team and if he finishes in the top three in team trials next year he’ll qualify for the 2012 Paralympic Summer Games. He might be the only competitive archer in the world who shoots with his feet (most para archers shoot with one arm or use prosthetics).

I got the chance to interview Matt last week and he’s truly an amazing guy. You can see the full story and photos here:
[Born Without Arms, Matt Stutzman Sets His Sights on the 2012 Paralympic Archery Team