Here’s exactly what not to do if you think your home is being broken into…

Last week Charles Akin Rempe, from Frederick, Md., accidentally hooked himself in the butt with a fishing lure while he thought his apartment was being burglarized. Without considering picking up a telephone, Rempe fired several shots from a .45 to alert the police. He then waited for help to arrive by hiding in his closet.

The police responded to a noise complaint at approximately 9:26 a.m., according to Officer First Class Robert Pierce arrived at the apartment and was met by Rempe, who told Pierce about the predicament he was in.

No invaders were found in Rempe’s apartment and luckily, no one was hurt from the gunshots. Authorities say they found evidence of multiple rounds fired from inside the apartment. One of the rounds exited the apartment window and was lodged in a brick wall of the neighboring building.

Rempe was handcuffed and brought to the Frederick Memorial Hospital for an emergency evaluation. Charges have not been filed against him yet.