A Boston fisherman caught the attention of wildlife officials after he dove off his boat to take a ride on a basking shark.

Erik Jacobs, an avid fisherman, spotted the shark off the Cape Cod Coast and identified it as a basking shark after circling it several times with his boat. Basking sharks are the second largest fish in the world. They can grow up to more than 30 feet, weigh several tons and eat plankton.

“I’ve been waiting for an opportunity like this my whole life to see something like this in the water,” Jacobs told WCVB. ” [I] Got comfortable, came up next to it and thought, ‘You know? I need to feel this fish. I need to swim with him,'” Jacobs told WCVB.

Jacobs landed on top of the basking shark and rode it for 15 feet before he let go and swam back to the boat.

While Jacobs did not break any laws in his shark jump, wildlife officials say it was a dangerous stunt. Jacobs says he would do it again if he gets another chance.