We had some awesome captions these past three weeks but the time has come to pick the winners. Seventy-eight people commented on week one’s deer caption contest but the winner as chosen by our group experts came from captjim.

He wrote, “Is that “Ode de Estrogen” you’re wearing?” His comment was funny because … Well, look at the photo. Congratulations captjim, you’ve won a Kawasaki Trimmer. Special mention and runner up number one status goes to iwfeeney for being the one Outdoor Life reader who not only knew what a haikiu was but wrote one!

For week two we posted a picture of a bear sitting at a picnic table. Again, we got a ton of great comments but elkslayer nailed it with, “The secret is to make bears feel comfortable at your bait site.” This is funny because A) Bears aren’t supposed to sit at picnic tables and B) Why would anyone try to make a bear comfortable before shooting him? Good stuff elkslayer! Your wittiness just got you a Kawasaki Hedge Trimmer.

Week three’s photo was especially disturbing to me as it showed predator and prey getting along, playing a wonderful game of tag. My unease was quickly assuaged however when I read Tom-Tom’s comment, “Guess which one used to work for TSA?” Funny, Tom-Tom. Very funny. You made me and quite a few other folks laugh. And for that you get a Kawasaki Leaf Blower!

Thanks again to all our readers and especially those that entered. Keep checking back as more contests are coming this way!