Ograza 13 and his friends aren’t very smart.

Not only did they catch and kill a great white shark off Huntington Beach Pier in Orange County, California last week but they filmed and posted their actions on YouTube. This video, along with unidentified witness testimony, led California Department of Fish and Game officials to the perpetrators. Capt. Dan Sforza said, “We have the shark and we’ve identified who caught the shark. We are investigating and nobody is going to get away with anything.” That’s a good thing because at the end of the video the alleged perpetrators state they’re going to eat the shark. They also say such bright things as “Come on mako, come on mako” even though the shark is clearly a great white, and “I freak’en want that freak’en thing.”

Did you also want to freak’en get fined and face some possible freak’en jail time for killing a protected freak’en species?

The video stars also cheer encouragements such as, “Relax, fool relax. Breathe it out.” And scientific observations like, “Look at those teeth homie!” Conservationists will be pleased to hear one of the men tout, “I got ’em on a circle hook [homies].”

Check out all the stupidity in the video. But be warned, some foul language (and the amount of blood pouring out of a protected species) makes this video NSFW.

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