Ahhhhh, isn’t that cute. A sweet little black bear cub somehow found its way into a grocery store in Ketchikan, Alaska. Look how he scampers over the produce, knocking down fruits and vegetables. He’s so cute I just want to eat him up…before he grows up and eats me! As cute as this is, this bear now associates humans with free food.

It associates the inside of a building as a place to eat. It knows that humans won’t do it any real harm other than grab it by the scruff of the neck and release it unharmed with the hopes that it will return to its mother. I don’t see anything cute about this situation.

Ok, it is kind’a cute. I’m going to find some quirky music to play in the background while I watch the video again. Maybe something with a xylophone.

What do you think OL readers? Cute or future problem? And why produce? Why not the meat or dairy aisle? Or candy? Comment below!