I try to have an open mind about life and how individuals choose to live it but I have to say, I’m more than a little disturbed by this picture. What is going on? Elk don’t generally lick people. Or love-nibble on their ears. Did that guy smear something on himself to get the elk to give him that type of attention…errr, affection? And where is this going? Is this a long-term relationship?

If so, they might want to consider a Slumberjack Bonnie & Clyde sleeping bag. This 3-in-1 pack can be zipped together for a double sleeping bag or zipped apart. The system also includes a flannel liner and flannel pillows (MSRP: $120). We’re giving away one of these beauties this week to the reader who comes up with the best caption for this photo. So, your caption in the comments section below. Enter often and keep it clean!

Last week’s winner is Benz71 who wrote: “Okay Okay Okay!! This time I’ll be Bruce Lee and you can be Chuck Norris!!”