Sue Panter got more than exercise last week when she went for a walk near her home in rural southeastern Idaho. She got attacked … by a mule deer.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game reports that a young adult buck that might have weighed as much as 250 pounds knocked Panter to the ground then gored her with his antlers. Panter said that she tried playing dead but the buck was relentless in his attack.

Fortunately Michael Vaughan and his 17-year-old daughter Alexis spotted the mulie melee while driving by and stopped to help. Alexis exited the vehicle and immediately began punching the deer (You go girl!) while Michael grabbed the buck’s antlers allowing Panter the opportunity to escape. Alexis ran back to her father’s truck and returned with a hammer to …well … to hammer the deer. The buck ran off leaving Michael with three antler puncture wounds in his legs and Panter completely traumatized. Alexis drove her father and Panter to the hospital where they were treated and released the same day.

Senior Conservation Officer Korey Owens speculated that the deer was not entirely wild. “A possibility is that this deer was found in the wild and taken home and raised by somebody,” Owens told the Desert News. “Then it’s become habituated to humans so it’s not afraid of humans anymore, that’s a possibility.”

Another possibility might be that the buck had some sort of disease. Officials will know more once they find, kill and test the deer.

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