Authorities recently captured a mountain lion that was on the loose on one of the University of Colorado’s campuses, reports the Denver Post.

The young, 120-pound cat presumably wandered onto the school’s Boulder campus, near one of the residence halls, but quickly scurried up a tree when it realized how populated the area was. There were no reports of injuries from students, who soon called in to report the cat’s presence.

The mountain lion was tranquilized by authorities from Colorado Parks and Wildlife and Boulder’s Open Space and Mountain Parks organization while students watched with excitement from their dorms.

“He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time,” said Jennifer Churchill of Colorado Parks and Wildlife. “Since this is a young [mountain lion], he’s probably learning the ropes.”

Colorado game wardens noted that the healthy cat, which was unharmed despite falling from his tree after tranquilization, will be collared before being released back into the wild, and then tracked as part of an ongoing study.