An animal hospital in California recently started hosting a rather peculiar class: rattlesnake-avoidance for man’s best friend, according to ABC news.

The Yorba Regional Animal Hospital in Anaheim reports that it treated more than two dozen dogs last year for rattlesnake bites. As a result, the hospital decided to hold the classes to condition dogs to associate danger with the poisonous snakes.

The class involves standard snake-training fare: the use of e-collars and general instruction, and usually lasts less than one hour. While snake-training your dog is common for sportsmen out West, formal courses at animal hospitals and other institutions are a rarity.

“If a dog is so-called ‘uniformed,’ and runs across a small snake, he doesn’t see it as a threat, and the next thing you know he is bit on the nose,” said Richard Andrews, who teaches the rattlesnake-avoidance course at Yorba.

October is statistically the month with the highest number of dog/snake encounters.