Republican Presidential Candidate and Texas Governor Rick Perry hunted pheasants in Iowa this past Saturday and used the opportunity to make sure the public understands how he feels about hunting and gun ownership. “As long as I’ve got memory, I had something to go hunting with,” Perry told reporters at the Loess Hills Hunting Preserve outside of Merrill, Iowa.

“It was a long love affair with a boy and his gun that turned into a man and his gun, and then it turned into a man and his son and his daughter and their guns.” Perry was referring to his children who apparently also enjoy hunting. “One of the great American traditions is taking your family hunting,” Perry continued. “I wish my son and daughter were here with us today. They would truly enjoy this. From my perspective, that’s part of America–walking across that hillside with one of your children hunting.”

Of course this isn’t the first time Perry has been in the national news because of hunting or firearms. Last month it was revealed that the name of Perry’s longtime family deer lease in west Texas was–well–I think Herman Cain put it best when he said it was “very insensitive.” In April 2010, Perry made headlines when he shot a coyote with his laser sighted Ruger .380 while jogging with his daughter’s Labrador retriever. That incident led Ruger to develop a special .380 named the True Texan Coyote Special.

By my account, Perry is the only candidate to be seen hunting or fishing since the race began. My only question is this: If Perry’s proud of his “love affair” with hunting, why didn’t we find out how well he did Saturday morning. Did he not get any birds?