Surfer Doug Niblack got the ride of his life on Monday when what he believes to be a great white shark attacked him and his board.

Niblack was surfing in “the cove” near Seaside, Oregon when a 10 to 12 foot shark slammed into his board. The jolt knocked him off his board and onto the back of the shark. Being a surfer – or scared for his life – Niblack stood up and rode the shark for several seconds.

At one point the shark lifted him out of the water to knee level. When the shark dove for deeper water Niblack found himself completely back in the water and scared to death. “And that was the scariest part,” Niblack told KATU News. “When I didn’t know where it was anymore.” Rather than wait for the shark to return, Niblack paddled to shore with what I imagine was supersonic speed. Biologists say that, although rare, great whites do frequent the waters off Oregon.

And yes, there were witnesses to this event.

The thing I find most unbelievable about this story is that people surf off the coast of Oregon. Isn’t it cold as sin up there?