A ranger in Africa is recovering after he was attacked by a lion in Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, a 15,000-square-mile game preserve that straddles the South Africa/Botswana border, according to news reports.

Albert Bojone and a few South Africa-based companions were tracking down Kalahari lions that had crossed the sprawling park’s border and ventured into Botswana. The men were hoping to retrieve the lions and transport them safely back to South Africa.

However, when Bojone and the others found the lions and approached them in a pick-up truck, things did not go smoothly. One of the lions became overly aggressive, jumped onto the back of Bojone’s vehicle, and bit Bojone’s arm.

Bojone managed to free himself and get from the bed to the roof of the truck, all while attempting to protect himself and kick away the angry lion.

Graeme Ellis, a researcher who was initially sitting safely inside the vehicle, ventured out, pulled Bojone from the lion’s grasp and brought him into the vehicle.

The aggressive lion was shot (with Bojone’s boot still in its mouth, noted witnesses), along with other aggressive lions on the scene. Amazingly, Bojone’s injuries were largely minor, and he was taken to a hospital in Upington, South Africa.