Last month PETA announced that it was releasing postage stamps featuring the faces of 20 famous vegetarians. The message? These people are vegetarians and they’re famous, so you should be a vegetarian too.

“These are very influential people, and not everyone knows that these folks are vegetarian,” PETA Vice-President Lisa Lange said, according to New York Daily News.

PETA highlighted “influential” historical figures like Pamela Anderson, Bob Barker and Steve-O (you know, that guy who became famous by stapling his scrotum to his leg).

In fear that this campaign would impact the eating habits of millions of Americans and perhaps turn them against hunting, Outdoor Life has selected 20 famous people who are not vegetarians. Check out the list and know: it’s OK to eat meat.

1 Chuck Norris
2 Neil Armstrong
3 Megan Fox
4 SpongeBob Square Pants
5 Oprah Winfrey
6 Han Solo
7 George Washington
8 Martin Luther King Jr.
9 Johnny Cash
10 Amelia Earhart
11 Rambo
12 Ernest Hemingway
13 Ted Nugent
14 The Fonz
15 Batman
16 Pocahontas
17 General Patton
18 The 1985 Chicago Bears
19 Annie Oakley
20 Susan B. Anthony