It might sound like something out of Hollywood–a plot best served as a Jaws sequel. But biologists near London’s Olympic Park are on the lookout for a large river beast that has already killed a 16-pound goose in a chilling fashion, according to London news outlets.

To be fair to all the shark lovers out there, it’s nearly impossible that the mysterious beast is actually of the Selachimorpha order. But the reality isn’t much more comforting. Experts are speculating that the culprit of the goose slaying might be a large python or an alligator, lurking beneath the popular waterway. The number of swans in the river has also declined recently.

Of the goose killing, witness Mike Wells said, “We were just passing the time of day looking at a Canada goose 30 yards away, but then suddenly it disappeared. It went down vertically. There wasn’t any hesitation, it went straight down. It didn’t come back up.”

Wildlife biologists note that it would take a large, powerful animal to take down a sizable bird like that, seemingly without struggle. A goose was killed in a similar fashion in 2005, but no culprit creature was ever found.

“It might be an escaped pet snake… It could survive in this climate, although it would be a bit sluggish. A small goose or a duck could be a perfect meal,” said zoology student Michael Allen.

It should be noted that the recently-constructed Olympic Park will be the site for much of the 2012 Olympic festivities, and the surrounding water is sure to see a lot of tourist activity. Cue the Jaws music!